Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Touring San Francisco 

On the 28th we moved from Concord to Pacifica -- south of San Francisco on the peninsula. Fortunately the trip across the Bay Bridge was easy and uneventful.

The "San Francisco RV Park" is clean, pleasant, and right on the edge of the Pacific -- 50 foot drop. After settling in, we headed south to see Andrew and Jen's mountain home, where Steven and Sarah are visiting. What a spectacular trip along the Pacific on Route 1.

A major storm hit during the night. It poured and blew! We still decided to go to the SFMOMA, but unfortunately a lot of other people decided it was a good place to spend a rainy day. We enjoyed it anyway. The rain finally stopped sometime in the late evening after dropping 2 inches on this area -- more in the Napa Valley where they had terrible flooding.

Today we headed to Muir Woods for a hike in cool sunshine. Then we headed to Fisherman's wharf for a delicious dinner -- fish, what else -- followed by a chocolate at Ghiradelli Square. A delightful, full day.


Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Arrival in California 

We made it to the bay area last night and moved into an RV park in Concord this morning. We will spend the rest of today and Christmas with Mary and Barry, about a 20 minute drive from here. Andrew and Jen will join us starting this afternoon and Seven and Sarah will fly in tomorrow night. It has been raining off and on here and is now 55 degrees. We move to near downtown San Francisco on Sunday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Arizona to California 

Today's drive into California meant crossing through mountains, deserts, and Bakersfield. Emily was amazed to see a cactus growing by the side of the road. I was amazed to see Bakersfield. I had always heard that it was the cotton center of California, but at this time of the year it's just a dust bowl. The air was brown; there were brown dust drifts across the road.

Since we ended up arriving after 5:00 PM, we are spending one more night at a Wal-Mart: Tracey, CA. It's convenient since Santa has some last minute things to take care of.


Sunday, December 21, 2003

Indiana to Texas 

We have driven for 2 days and covered 1000 miles through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and part of texas. We are spending tonight in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Amarillo, Texas. We have 1300 miles to go and hope to get to Concord, California by Wednesday noon. The truck and trailer are doing well (but I will have to change oil tomorrow). It has been in the 60's today, but snow and rain is forecast for tomorrow (!). My computer in the back is getting a rough ride, but it still works fine. The national wireless internet (Verizon) works but takes some getting used to. The girls play a lot of computer games and get at each other a little more than usual, but it doesn't look like there will be any permanent scars.

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