Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Woods Hole and Cape Cod Beaches 

We started the day by dropping David at WHOI, then drove into Woods Hole to explore. We visited the WHOI exhibit center and learned about the various devices used to explore the ocean bottom. The mockup of Alvin reveals how tight the quarters are and one wonders how they can observe anything through such a small porthole.

We had lunch and made a brief visit to the aquarium. The aquarium is small but extremely informative. There are displays showing the growth rate of lobsters and how they can grow a new claw when one is lost in a fight. There are tanks will local species – even a blue lobster (a fairly common mutant).

We tried to stop in at Handmade (a local craft store like our co-op in Lafayette), but they were just putting out some stock for the opening of the season and didn’t want browsers. Too bad, I was in a buying mood.


Today we dropped Dad off at his work and we looked around Woods Hole. We looked at the museums and the wharf. After lunch we went to pick up Dad, and we drove out to the end of the cape. It is BEAUTIFUL! Mom says that she would love to live on the cape EXCEPT for in the summer. It is the tourist capitol of the world, and the little two-lane road is jammed all the way to the tip. Well, that is what she said. Today there was very little traffic.

The beaches are great, but the dunes aren’t as big (or white) as those at White Sands Monument. We read a plaque that said that the entire cape was forested until the Pilgrims came and cut down the trees and let their cattle graze. With no vegetation, the sand was able to move around and the dunes started to form. Grass is beginning to grow on some of the dunes, so maybe some day they will be gone.

WE SAW WHALES! When we were walking along the beach Dad claimed that he saw a spout, and Mom said that it was probably a Right Whale. She said that they are endangered and that there were only about 300 left in the North Atlantic. In Baja we saw 300 whales IN ONE TRIP!! We got out the binoculars and I even saw a body go a little out of the water! It was a long drive home, but we made it back for a late dinner. It was a fabulous day.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Kapell Cranberries 

Today we went to Jeff and his wife Alex’s house for dinner. Jeff owns a cranberry bog in Plymouth. He showed us all his machinery and trucks. It was really amazing. He has over 40 acres of bog!!! They are beautiful - flat and sort of a reddish color even though there are no berries yet. After the tour we went back to the house.

We made pizza!! We flattened out our dough, spread the toppings, then we cooked and ate. DELICOUS! It was Jeff’s birthday so then we had cake. Luckily we had brought flowers so we didn’t feel too bad about forgetting his birthday.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Seafood and More Seafood 

When we arrived in Cape Cod, we saw fish shops up and down the street. YUMMY!!! I love seafood and so does everyone else (except Emily who we can’t get to eat even one scallop) so we went to a nice place for fast food sea food. I got clam chowder, shrimp, and bacon-covered scallops. Mom and Dad got fried clams. Emily got a hamburger and chips. We shared all and still had WAY too much food so we are going to have seafood for lunch too.

The guy who served us the food was really nice. He got a lobster out of the cage to show us, it was 6 and ½ POUNDS!!!!! It was humongous and that is without claws because it had lost them in a fight!

I like Cape Cod except for the rain!


Sunday, April 25, 2004

Visiting Concord MA 

Emily and I visited Nora for one week while Mom and Dad visited for only four days. We slept in her basement, went to school with her, went to her track meet, played with her cousins Ab Ab and Mi Mi , jumped on the trampoline, slept on the trampoline, played in the woods, and managed to fit everything else you can think of into one week!!! We had a blast!! In the woods we built a bridge ten feet long over water that was one foot deep. We played Inklink on the computer.

On Saturday night when Page and Charlie took our parents to an auction, we took futons out to the trampoline. It turned out to be a FREEZING night, and we would have been very cold if someone hadn’t come out and put more blankets on top of us (Page and Charlie). We had a great time and didn’t want to leave!


Monday, April 19, 2004

Visiting "Philadelphia" 

We went to Mama Dot, Chip, and Fla’s house for a few days. We had a great time. Emily and I worked really hard on a jigsaw puzzle for Chip and Fla, but we didn’t finish it. They had to finish it, which they did once we left. On Sunday Chip took us to the YMCA to swim while he had his workout. We had a blast. It is an Olympic sized swimming pool with beach balls and rings and a basket ball hoop. The deep end is deep enough for diving which I didn’t do much of because of all the old ladies there.

On Sunday we also went to see Aunt Liz and Uncle Mike's new house. It is big and beautiful.

Dad and Chip put up shutters for Mama Dot at her house (550 Rutgers). While we were there we got some of Philly’s famous hoagies which were DELICOUS!!!! Yum yum yummy.

Chip and Fla have a new cat named Corry, and she is BEAUTIFUL…everyone loves her long bushy tail which is almost as big as her body. And she will play peek-a-boo with you which is a great game!


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Washington Art Museums 

Today we went into Washington to see some art museums. Again it rained (Maryland is about to float away). We enjoyed the Hirschhorn and the National Gallery but skipped others that we wanted to see because of the long walks in the pouring rain.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Rain and the Museums 

Today we decided to go to some museums. It was POURING outside (again) so we went to only the indoor stuff. We took Michael,Sami, and Jenny with us. First we went to the Air and Space museum which was really a disappointment. It didn’t have enough space stuff. Then we went to the American History Museum which was GREAT!!! We didn’t spend much time there though because we had to be getting home! We had to spend a lot of time in line waiting for security to get into each of the museums so we didn't get to see as much as we would have liked.


Sunday, April 11, 2004


Today when we got up there was candy hidden all over the trailer. Emily and I raced to find it, but then wished we hadn’t when mom set us down for a long morning of homework. After the Knies Family came back from church, we went inside for Easter dinner, and to play lots of games with Michael and Sami. We had a great Easter thanks to the Knieses.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Washington DC 

Today we went to Washington DC, our nation’s capitol….and I had a BALL!!!

As soon as we got out of the metro Emily spotted the Capitol Building and I spotted the Washington Monument. We walked and walked. We saw the cherry blossoms in bloom around the tidal basin. We finally got to the Lincoln Memorial (on the penny) and saw good old Abe sitting looking out on the capitol. I think that I was a little jealous that he got such a good view!!! Next we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial and then the White House. The White House isn’t as great as I would have thought. You have to stand a football field away behind fences and gates and from there you can see the wide majestic looking building called the famous White House!! Next we walked to the metro station and went out to Virginia to buy dinner at a mall with a food court. Emily and I had Italian while Mom and Dad had dim sung. Then we had ice cream and got back on the metro to go and see the fire works!! Today was the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival so we watched the fireworks by the water. They were very pretty. Dad got lots of pictures while we watched the fireworks and snickered at the people who where using a flash camera to take pictures of the fire works.

All in all, it was a great day.


Friday, April 09, 2004

Chapel Hill to Marbury MD 

Given that it is Good Friday I guess we should have expected lots of traffic. We were not disappointed. The I-85, I-95 corridor was busy and spotted with accidents and construction. It was such a pleasure to turn off I-95 and head east into Maryland - little traffic and beautiful rural land.

David and Jennifer have a lovely home with lots of land about 20 miles outside of DC. They are working hard at making improvements. I couldn’t believe how their kids have grown.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Chapel Hill and Seagrove NC 

Chapel Hill is beautiful. We like the hills and the plantings. One of the things I miss in West Lafayette is evergreen broadleaves; there are so few that can survive our winters.

Today we drove with Dep and Hyacinth to Seagrove. It was fun to wander around the pottery shops and meet some of the potters. I saw some awesome glazes that make me want to get back to work. The North Carolina Pottery Center has a small but excellent collection of work.

Later the Dep family came for dinner at our trailer. Fortunately we have a large grassy side yard at this site, so the kids had a great place to play.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Texas to Georgia 

Once more, a lot of driving – it’s a big country. The weather is outstanding so we have been enjoying watching spring come and go as we go up in elevation and further north.

Our campground south of Athens, GA is located in a pine and sweet gum forest with two ponds. The owners have a weird sense of humor. For example, as you walk through the woods you may come upon a bear with a skeleton lying in front of him. Otherwise a lovely place.

We took a short walk around the University of Georgia campus which is all in spring bloom.


Thursday, April 01, 2004


Starting late Wednesday afternoon we drove through Texas to Denton. From the NM border to Denton is flat, flat, flat. I’m not sure why only Indiana always gets the reputation of being flat. The landscape is dotted with small oil wells and tanks. There are a few small refineries to be seen from the road.

Dallas-Forth Worth-Denton is a busy place. This weekend is a big NASCAR race so all the parks are full. Tomorrow David will go to the University of North Texas while we study, wash, swim, and cook. Sightseeing here will have to wait for another trip.


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